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Complete: Johann Martin Usteri (1763-1827) Mutter True [Trails of Motherhood] - Caricature - Social History

Complete: Johann Martin Usteri (1763-1827) Mutter True [Trails of Motherhood] - Caricature - Social History

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Complete Set of 9 aquatints - Johann Martin Usteri (1763-1827) - Der Mutter True wird täglich neu [Trails of Motherhood] - 9 aquatints mounted on card

Aquatint - Not signed - 1802

Extremely rare complete.

Usteri, Johann Martin

DER MUTTER TREU wird täglich neu. 9 fine Aquatints mounted on printed cards. Each 13.3 x 10 cm, numbered by hand.

J.B.Schiegg, 1802.

First Edition.

1. A young mother sits and reads the Bible with her baby son at her breast.

2. The mother teaches her young son the first rudiments of learning.

3. The mother is looking to apprentice her son to a tradesman.

4. The young boy has served his apprenticeship and now works on his own account, alongside him is his mother.

5. A Debtor has the young man in some financial embarrassment, but his mother offers jewellery and other items of value to sell to offset the debt.

6. Mother and son come out from church, the son turns to see a fair young maiden.

7. The faithful mother watches over her grand-daughter while the parents attend church.

8. The son is now gravely ill and is tirelessly attended to by his mother, by the hour, who looks tired and worn out.

9. A mother's love could not save her son, and she and her grand-daughter sprinkle consecrated water over the grave.

Johann Martin Usteri (14 February 1763 in Zürich – 29 July 1827, Rapperswil) was a Swiss poet, noted for has narrative poetry and his idyls. He was one of the earliest German poets to write poems in his native Zürich dialect; among these, his Vicar holds the foremost place.

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