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1957 WALTER LINSENMAIER original coloured Pencil Drawing - Orchid - Botanical

1957 WALTER LINSENMAIER original coloured Pencil Drawing - Orchid - Botanical

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ORIGINAL coloured Pencil Drawing (18.3 x 14.7cm) used as basis for the illustration found present in Walter Kupper’s "Orchideed" published in 1957.

Walter Linsenmaier was a Swiss painter and entomologist.

Linsenmaier was born in 1917 in Stuttgart but moved with his family to Switzerland.

After 1950 Linsenmaier worked mainly as an artist. He specialized in nature drawings in particularly insects for books- and magazines illustrations, among those Ernst Sutters publication of Birds of Paradise and Kolibris, which encompasses images of the life of tropical birds. His drawings distinguish through his accurate observation of the nature’s world and the love of detail.

In his home town Ebikon near Lucerne he established in 1952, together with his father, a zoological museum with taxidermied animals in order to show their natural habitat.

In 1982 he received as appreciation of his remarkable scientific and artistic work a honorary doctorate from the University of Berne and several cultural prizes in Switzerland and Germany were to follow. He died at the age of 83 and his collection was taken over by the Natural History Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Original drawing in colored chalk by world renowned illustrator of birds, insects and animals. Linsenmeier was a book author, illustrator whose works included "Wonders of Nature."

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